“I always wanted to be a juvenile delinquent but my parents wouldn’t let me.”
― John Waters


In 2000, Medina co-founded Ediciones Trashumantes and lanada with David Trashumante and Pablo GCapistrano– a poetry & art book publisher. They still work together on different art projects. Together they grew an interest towards visual art and motion graphics developing into several collaborations.

Member of visual artists collective Mademotion since 2011.

Medina’s images and video creations are shared realities, people and things. She is interested in the creation of a simple moment, as every moment is unrepeatable.


1st Artistic Residence. Artistic collaboration with the artists Javier Arribas & Blanca Regina. Mademotion y Latidos del Olvido.

2ktetas 2.0. Independent fanzine.

Invernadero (Creative Multidisciplinary Project).


2ktetas. Independent Fanzine, with Sra. Milton.


Live visuals with Marchez band. Sala Lemon. Madrid.


Diapop & Sticky. Art object, stickers and diapositive pin.

Video Installation Control your Emotions. “Yo soy artista (y tu no)” Exhibition with graffiti artists Kunh y 100% Porcino. Espacio8, Madrid.

Live Visual Performance electro & retro. Expo Yo soy artista (y tu no)Espacio8, Madrid.

Live Visual Performance with Dali & Dinamite DJ’s. Manual Festival. Sala Flamingo, Madrid.


Live Videos and Book Manta performance. Gira Desechable (thru Madrid, Valencia, Logroño, A Coruña, Segovia, Sevilla and Barcelona). Ediciones Trashumantes. Madrid-Valencia.

Live Visual Performance Estroboscópica. A visual poem with María Salgado. Ladyfest. Madrid.


Support Videos. ClaimFest. Candeleda. Ávila.

Live Visual Performance «Tortilla». Patio Maravillas, Madrid.

“No Recital” videos with David trashumante.

Estroboscópica video with María Salgado.


Live visuals with singer Marina.

Video Creations. Festival de Jazz, Madrid.

2003 – 2005

Live visuals with Bronson band. Sala Caracol, Ritmo y Compás, El Juglar, Arteópolis and many more. Madrid.

Extreme Pestilence Independent Fanzine.

Video/projection design. Less is More. Madrid.

Video/projection design. HANT. Parties. Madrid & Segovia.